Looking after my kitten

Looking after my kitten

  • Dog Care: Understanding Hip Dysplasia

    Hip dysplasia is a relatively common musculoskeletal disorder that occurs when the ball and socket joint in your dog's hip does not develop normally. The ball and socket joint allows the hip to move in different directions, but hip dysplasia causes the joint to deteriorate over time. As this happens, the joint can loosen and become inflamed, which leads to restriction of movement. It's not always possible to identify why a dog develops this condition, but large breeds tend to be more at risk than small breeds, and it's thought that both genetic and environmental factors can contribute to abnormal ball and socket joint development.

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Looking after my kitten

It is a lot of responsibility to take on a new kitten. They are so little and vulnerable when you first get them and you are always worried that you aren't going to be able to meet all of their needs. That's why it's so important to have a great relationship with a vet who can give you advice and answer all of your questions about what you need to for your kitten. This blog is designed for new kitten owners and has a load of fantastic articles and resources that can help you to navigate the best way to care for your kitten.

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